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13 Mar

The Statement Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is the single best investment in anyone’s closet. Not only is it timeless, but it can be worn all year long with just about any outfit. At the same time, wearing the same jacket year after year can be a bore. The great news is designers have taken leather jackets to a whole new level this past year. They are pieces of art, with absolutely no pun intended. We’re talking studs, embellishment, embroidery, paint and writing – you name it, the designers have done it. For this outfit look, I paired this Zara studded biker leather jacket with a grey floral bodysuit, and a pair of extra ripped black jean shorts. I accessorized the look with my black...
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10 Mar

Have Tights Made a Comeback?

Guess who’s back? Back again… tights are back… tell a friend! Okay, okay… I’m sure you get the point.  Classic tights have definitely marked their return, and you can’t scroll through the latest fashion magazines, your favorite bloggers’ instagram account, or even browse catwalk photos without seeing them. With this particular outfit look, I chose to wear sheer tights with diamond design to add character since I typically stick to neutral colored clothing.  I’m obsessed with everything leather (I’m convinced I was Catwoman in another life), so I tend to deviate towards embellished leather skirts.  I wanted to keep it simple with my top, so this Zara wavy cream sweater with a black hem did the trick. For accessories I went with...
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